Motion Designer

I love Sharks.

I've been in Los Angeles doing broadcast graphics for the past 6 years. Before that, I was in Chicago eating a ton of hot dogs and working downtown.

I've been an Animation Guild (Local 800) member since 2009, twice nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy, and I'm afraid of Sharks and heights.

Motion Reel


I work in mostly film / broadcast graphics. I specialize in both conceptual, and full deliverable show opens, segment graphics, and stage graphics.


I spend most of my life in After Effects and Cinema 4D. I'm very knowledgable in the whole Adobe suite. I'm also big into music production on the side, wanna trade some synths?

Selling Points

I'm fast, good, and fun to be around. My motion skills are "on point". Also my ego is in check, and I am very into Sushi for lunch, so there's that.